About The Park

The well-maintained, fenced, lighted and camera-monitored facility is open year-round, 24-hours a day through secured key entry gates. Private membership means your dog must meet temperament and AKC Canine Good Citizen criteria. All of these precautions are taken to safeguard dogs and their owners.

Fresh drinking water and waste-bag/disposal stations are provided. Rules of play and use of the dog park are posted.

Dog wellness and educational programs are held on the premises throughout the year, including health seminars and demonstrations, dog obedience training and puppy socialization classes. See the calendar of events of this web site for more information.

  • The Charlie Douglas Dog Park

    The Charlie Douglas Dog Park is committed to treating your pets like family not only at the end of their lives but all through the years. We now provide a quarter-acre secure and private membership dog park with an emphasis on wellness located at 498 BenFranklin Road South behind Bowser Minich Funeral Home.

  • Our Purpose

    The Purpose of the Charlie Douglas Dog Park is four fold:

    To allow dogs to be dogs. It’s proven that 15 to 20 minutes of free play will improve the behavior of a dog by 50 percent. This unique facility is the first off-leash dog park for dogs in Indiana County. It is complete with custom playground gym equipment for dogs, serpentine and horseshoe-shaped exercise tunnels, enrichment toys, a soft play surface, and a self-contained small dog/puppy socialization area.

    To promote, nurture and educate about good and regular healthy living for pets similar to wellness programs provided by a hospital for people. Our wellness program objectives are to prolong the life of a pet, to raise the level of care, and to improve the quality of his or her life. We’re absolutely committed to doing this as a community service because of the love we have for pets.

    To provide a convenient venue for people to exercise their dogs as well as to hold community events and fundraisers for dog owners and enthusiasts alike. To promote this aspect, we’ve made Wi-Fi Internet connection available for lab-top users and we’ve designed an inviting, engaging outdoor environment with picnic and bench areas for socializing and holding events, for watching dogs play and exercise, or for just hanging out with your best friend.

    To foster pet adoption by providing a physical facility and an electronic means to showcase pets that are up for adoption by local and regional agencies and organizations. We do this by holding pet adoption day and by featuring pet with their photos and descriptions on this web site. Visit the adoption page.

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