A copy of this signed and dated rules of conduct must be submitted in person to The Charlie Douglas Dog Park upon use.

  • Rules of Conduct

    We post and request that members strictly abide by the following rules of conduct for the mutual enjoyment of all. Please report any unsuitable behavior to 724-349-3310. In an emergency, please contact the appropriate authorities.

    • Use dog park and property at your own risk.
    • While every step has been taken to protect your dog’s(s’) and your safety, we are not responsible for accidents, personal loss, and lost and stolen articles.
    • No pet or people food or drink allowed inside dog park.
    • Food and drinks restricted to picnic and bench areas outside of dog park.
    • Smoking restricted to designated marked area only.
    • No alcoholic beverages.
    • No use of radios without headphones.
    • No more than 15 medium and large dogs inside dog park at a time.
    • No more than 10 small dogs and puppies inside small dog/puppy area at a time.
    • Dogs must be accompanied by owner (or authorized person).
    • Owners must watch and control their dogs at all times.
    • No excessive barking permitted.
    • No dogs in season or near season permitted inside dog park.
    • Unneutered dogs must be watched at all times.
    • No rough play allowed.
    • Dog waste must be picked up and disposed of immediately.
    • Waste must be discarded in marked waste receptacles of designated area only.
    • Children under age 8 are not permitted inside dog park.
    • All other children age 8 to 15 must be accompanied by parent when inside dog park.
    • One child per parent or adult inside dog park. Other children outside dog park must be attended by adult at all times.
    • Children must be accompanied by parent or authorized person at all times.
    • Children under age 16 must always be within direct adult supervision while on dog park property and are never to be farther than 10 feet from adult.
    • Children must follow all rules and not be allowed to destroy any property, including pulling on, standing on, leaning on any fence, dog park equipment, dog training equipment or any other dog park or property assets.
    • Children are not permitted on any dog training equipment and are not allowed to run, scream, chase, play sports or pet another person’s dog.
    • No prong or choke collars; buckle collars only.
    • All dogs must be on a leash until inside dog park and gates are closed.
    • No puppies under four months of age permitted inside dog park.
    • Small dogs and puppies must use small dog/puppy area when large-or medium-size dogs are inside dog park.
    • Owner is responsible to provide dog or dogs with water when using dog park using dispenser and carabineer provided.
    • Do not use dog park in severe weather that may affect your dog’s health.
    • Remove your dog from do park if you experience threatening behavior by other dogs inside dog park and report the situation immediately.
    • We reserve right to revoke membership due to misuse of dog park by you, your family members, authorized person, negative change in temperament of dog or dogs, falsifying health records of dog or dogs.

    Click Here to download the rules.

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